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09 Sep 2012


The animation video Kathu has been made with an intention to inculcate social values to children. Kathu is a beautiful small kitten, who combines all the mischief as well as love and virtue in her. Kathu is flanked by her father, mother, brother Kittu, her best friend Appu the squirrel and hoppers. The tom cat Kandan, who takes the role of the villain and the common birds in our country side like the crow pheasant, washer woman bird, Indian tree-pie, kingfisher and Indian oriole also play their roles in this animation video. The settings of a cat family has been chosen to weave the story thread and to recreate an Indian family situation to tell about values like love, obedience, sympathy, honesty and courage which should be essentially taught to children. It also includes two songs on obedience and honesty, two musicals and a title song besides the stories.


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